waterfalls and park picnics💕

so last night I was watching a movie with my family and it was really boring. I think it was called A Walk In The Woods. anyways so I was really bored so I texted Matt. it was a good idea.  

so apparently he had this full first date all planned out. and I had no idea what it was. that was annoying. 

I usually hate surprises. but this surprise was totally amazing.

we went to a waterfall! first we drove (it was probably an hour drive ish…?) in his car to the waterfall, and we were blasting the radio singing and having fun basically. he had brought a picnic and we had lunch. we then walked around in the little pond where the mini falls were and he picked me up and we kissed. quite a bit. but I won’t describe it because well, that would be weird.

but yeah it was a really amazing first date!

but just let me know if I get annoying talking about Matt and stuff cuz I just like to talk about happy stuff and he makes me happy. but I’ll talk about different stuff I promise.


well it’s not mine yet cuz I’m not officially licensed but I have it picked out specifically and everything! so basically I’ve been saving up for a car since I was 11. I babysat and I still do but I put all of my money in the bank and never spent any of it (that was the hardest part). when I was 14 i got multiple jobs at my local food market and dunkin donuts and just random jobs here and there, and I have enough money for the car I want!!! its a Toyota Highlander (big car tiny human), but I’m still deciding which color – Ooh La La Rouge Mica, Silver Sky Metallic, or Predawn Grey Mica. if you look them up let me know your opinion! but I’m not actually buying the car until I pass my drivers test (I probably will tho #fabulousdriver) but yeah I saved up my money and it’s really gonna pay off! I’m really excited for March 15th (birthdayyyyy and actually the day I’m taking my test!) 

so yeah that was my really good day! 

-Aria Rose🌸🦄


oh my fucking god.

Matt kissed me last night.

and it was really nice. like really really nice.

i’m still freaking out, but i’ll tell you the story.

so everyone was at rehearsal last night and me and Matt were in the other room because I wasn’t needed for a scene and neither was he. i was singing Naughty out loud just because and Matt being the cute little dumbass he is started filming me. i didn’t notice and i was just singing and going over some lines, and he starts laughing at me because i was so involved in my lines that i didn’t notice what he was doing. he was just laughing and i look up and notice he was filming and get annoyed. i was sitting on the floor so i get up and walk up to him (he was standing across the room). he’s like 6’2 and i’m 5’1 so when i get up to him he’s looking down at me and laughing at me. i asked him why he was laughing at me and he said – because you’re just so adorable, that’s why. and by then i was just so out of it i started giggling and i got really nervous because i’m like in love with this guy since the 5th grade. and then he puts his hands on my cheeks and leans down (a lot) and kisses me. and i kissed him back (after i stand on my tip toes lol) and it was amazing.

we kissed for 7 seconds. to be exact. but then what he said was what made my life complete.

“i’ve been wanting to do that for so long.”

then he kissed me again for 3 more seconds. it was pretty amazing.

but then i remembered something.

he had a girlfriend. who was in the other room rehearsing.

he then said this – “yes, i am dating Lorelei. but that is only because i could never be with you.”

then i asked him what he was going to do about her.

“there’s no one i’d rather be with than you. i have to go talk to her.”

so then he went to talk to her. and i was alone in the room. i texted Jadey and told her everything. her reaction was – “OH MY FUCKING GOD FINALLY YOU GUYS ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!”


then i was called in to learn some choreography for Naughty. and i was really nervous cuz i didn’t know what Matt had said to Lorelei and i didn’t want to face her if he said something involving me. but nothing happened. i just walked in and got on my block (yeah i kind of sit on a block in that scene) and Jen our choreographer started teaching me everything. and when i was finished about 20 minutes later,  everyone left, but Matt still was there (once you finished rehearsing your part of the show you can go home, and i was the last segment of rehearsal so everyone was cleared to go home.)

we were walking out of the building together and my mom was here to pick me up, and his car was here so he could just drive home whenever. then right outside the door he asked me this – “Aria Rose, will you marry me?”

then i smacked him.

then he laughed and said – “no i’m definitely kidding. but would you do me the honor in being my girlfriend?”

then i just kissed him and whispered “i think that answers your question.”

then i got in my mom’s car and i got a text message. from Matt. he said – goodnight beautiful. and my mom started to drive home as i was telling her everything that happened so excitedly and we were both freaking out and i’ve probably never been happier.

so yeah. now i have a boyfriend. so that’s pretty cool.

also i’m sorry for not posting in like a week. i do have a life you know.



a father is a daughter’s hero.

most of us have fathers. but a lot of us daughters take them for granted. we don’t understand that they won’t be here forever.

when i was 11, i lost my dad to a pancreatic cancer. it’s horrible, and i miss him more than you could ever imagine. you might be wondering why i’m telling you this, that it’s super personal. but i know how it feels, to only have one person in your life who’s there for you. to only have one person to rely on. i’m most certainly going to miss out on stuff with my dad. he’s not going to see me get my actual license, or graduate high school. he’s not going to walk me down the aisle at my wedding. he’s also not going to get me any more of those cheesy birthday cards with the music coming out of it. but i’ve come to terms with things like this. not everything in life is a bubble bath. people take things for granted, and they don’t realize that things rarely ever stay the same. that bad things really do happen.

people tell me that they’re sorry a lot. about my dad, i mean. but i don’t understand why. they didn’t do anything to kill him. they didn’t do anything to make him not be here with me right now. i mean i guess they’re just trying to be nice, but frankly, i just don’t understand. i don’t like the whole sorry for your loss thing. it’s okay.

he taught me so many things. how to ice skate, how to play piano. he was my mentor, my hero. he inspired me to pursue my music, to deepen myself into performing. you know, he also isn’t going to see me play a 7 year old in Matilda. but that’s okay, because he actually knew me when i was 7. he knew me as a little girl, who depended on her father for everything. he promised me he would be here to watch me do all of these things, to watch me become a strong woman. and i promised him i’d never grow up. i guess promises break all the time.

but trust me, i’m okay.

i also have a step-dad. well he’s my mom’s boyfriend, but they’re pretty inseparable. he doesn’t live with us though. but he’s nice i guess, i’ve known him for like a year and he tries to do some bonding activities. but he’s not my dad. he could never replace my dad either, and he knows that.

and what makes me happy is that the people who knew me before my dad passed, like Jade and Matt, they don’t treat me any differently than they did beforehand. and that makes me happy. i love them so much.

so please, don’t treat me any differently.

a question people ask me sometimes is, what about his birthday? we still celebrate it. it serves as an honor, a remembrance day. it’s my favorite holiday.

and i know my dad is watching over me in heaven. and i love him so much.

Robert Evan Kopenfelt – 10/17/1963 to 6/8/2011





february break!

so i’m on break until this coming thursday! Jadey’s coming over in like 2o minutes and she’s sleeping over until tuesday *happiness level goes up x100*!and then Brooklyn is coming on Monday night just to stay over cuz it’s more fun with 3 (except when it’s you, your crush, and his girlfriend. that’s not fun.)

so they cancelled all rehearsals for Matilda this week, except we have a night rehearsal on friday. we’d also usually have a night rehearsal on tuesday but there’s no school so…

my grandma called me earlier today and told me all about this play Hamilton on broadway ( she lives in the fabulous NYC) and it sounds really weird tbh, she’s like oh it’s so amazing, but i took a trip over there like 3 years ago and saw Cinderella (#theater nut). now that was amazing. Santino and Laura’s chemistry amazed me. it’s almost as good as troian bellisario’s and keegan allen’s. yes i watch PLL get over it. but i’m not a typical white girl.(the only starbucks i drink is coffee and i have never owned a pair of Ugg boots.)

so i’m really loving my new haircut. like i really like this style. too bad next time i go back i promised myself i’m chopping it all. well, almost all of it. i just can’t go all the way.

it’s valentines day… my momma got me chocolate tho so it’s not as bad as i originally thought it would be. but Lorelei is probably all snuggled up with Matt having a romantic holiday… ugh why did my mind just go there… anyways…

yeah we have rehearsal on friday but at least i get to see Matt. OH JADEY’S HERE NOW I’M WRITING THIS LIKE SECTION LIKE 3 HOURS LATER CUZ I COMPLETELY FORGOT THAT I WAS IN THE MIDST OF WRITING ONC JADE GOT HERE BUT SHE’S HERE AND NOW EVERYTHING IT BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRR lol sorry #bestie problems. we were just watching a movie and i pull up my computer tabs and here you areeeeee. but i should probably go…

JADEY SAYS BYEEEEE (so do i haha)

call me a chicken.


i didn’t cut my hair as short as i said i would. i got too scared.

i’ve had long hair all my life and i couldn’t just chop it all off…….!

i got a trim tho and it looks #fabulous  (i never use hashtags so it must mean something)

and she straightened it and it looks 100% more tameable which is great!

but i wish i cut more off.


i also got side bangs, like shorter hair in the front to angle/shape my face. i’ve never had them before and they’re really different…

but they look okay so that’s all i care about 🙂

so i really don’t know what i’m doing today… probably just gonna hang out at home…

there’s officially like 30 days left till my 16th birthdayyyyy then i get my OFFICIAL LICENSE AND A CARRRRRRR (please mommy?) my birthday is March 15th 2000, if you were wondering. but ew adulthood seems so close…. oh man…. BUT I MEAN PEOPLE MISTAKE ME FOR A 6TH GRADER SO I CAN JUST PRETEND I’M LIKE 11 FOREVER. maybe.

so i looked up the songs in Matilda last night and the kids sound like they’re like 7. no offense to them it’s really cute but i don’t get how people will think i’m 7. oh well, what can i do about it. OH DID I MENTION THAT A 7TH GRADER IS PLAYING MY MOM. AND MATT IS MY DAD? yeah so that’s happening…. ugh.




help me. please.

so right now i’m probably at the scariest place i’ve ever been to in my life.


i’m regretting this so much but i can’t turn back now…

ugh i curse my mom for telling me i needed to cut my hair. it’s not even THAT long… but i kind of agree, it is a bit unmanagable… BUT i still really DO NOT want to cut my hair. HELP MEEEEEEEE. they’re all saying that it will be fine and it won’t be that bad buttttttttt i’m still really really nervous because i haven’t cut my hair short in a really long time. i usually just trim my hair every couple months, like a centimeter. like i trim it by myself. but i have never got it cut super short before. and i’m really really REALLY SCAREDDDDDDD.

let’s just list what i’m afraid of:

-regretting it.

-getting it too short

-getting judged

-having it curl up a lot and then having a clown wig as hair

-having it look really bad.

so now that we’ve got that over with i can try to calm myself down and say this is going to be okay. but i’m still freaking out.

my mom is getting her’s cut right now and her and the haircutter are talking about college. COLLEGE. AND ME. i’m not ready for college! i mean sure i’m close to graduating (like a year and a half) but i’m not ready for that! they’re also talking about her son who just turned 18 and is going to some school in new york. but not NYU.

i have no idea where i want to go.

that doesn’t sound too good, huh. well it’s true, and i’m completely honest on this blog.

mostly. no just kidding i literally spill my life lout to you people. who i don’t even know. i must trust you guys a lot.

oh shit my mom’s done. it’s my turn.

fuck. well i gotta go.


aria kopenfelt or matilda wormwood?

so i just got back from rehearsal (remember the non-existing show i was talking about?). i found out what show we’re replacing Beauty and the Beast (yes that was the show and I was Belle if you were curious *twinge of sadness*) with. And if you don’t know why we had to replace the first show, the company was just being a total ass-hat and not letting us or anyone have rights to perform it. so that sucked. but we’re doing Matilda.

for a 7th grade – 12th grade acting troop production.

guess who’s playing Matilda?

that’s right.

yours truly.

let me just remind you that i am a junior in high school. and Matilda is a 7 year old girl.

i’m 5’1, the shortest in the acting troop, even shorter than the 7th graders. (are they usually way taller now because when i was 11 i was like 4’5 and now all of them are legit 5’5+. ) the director said i would make a great Matilda. literally because i’m short. and because apparently i have a baby face. like thanks for typecasting babe love you too.

but i’m grateful that i get to perform, even if it’s as a 7 year old british genius. oh Jadey’s in it too! (you’ll here me refer to her as Jadey like 99% of the time but her name is Jade, just to clarify. i’ll make a who’s who page later.) she’s working backstage, she doesn’t really like to perform that much. a bunch of my other friends are in it too, like Brooklyn (she’s a freshman) who’s playing Lavender and Lorelei (a junior like me) who’s playing just another one of the kids at school. (yeah she’s also pretty short, like 5’3)

and then there’s Matt.

the guy i like. like a lot.

he’s a senior and he’s playing my father, mr. wormwood.

yeah. that’s a little weird.

but, i’ll never have a chance with him anywaysssss…..

because he’s dating one of my best friends, Lorelei.


that’s also a bit weird. (at least he’s not dating Jadey EVEN THO SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO ME. but this is still bad)

the struggle is fucking real.

especially because even though i’m really open on my blog, i’m a really shy individual (in person) when it comes to strangers, and Matt. like i can’t present speeches in class. but i’m really good at performing on stage, like all my shyness goes away. i really don’t understand it.

but you wanna know what else sucked horribly? when we were doing Beauty and the Beast, belle and the beast are supposed to kiss. AND MATT WAS THE FUCKING BEAST. AND WE WERE GONNA KISS. THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN IS NOT FAIR AT ALL THIS IS FUCKING MADNESS IF ANY OF YOU FEEL MY PAIN HOW DO I EVEN DEAL WITH THISSSSSSS UGH.

we did kiss once tho. in the 7th grade. and then i ran away afterwards.


now that i got that out of my system, we can move onto something else.

this is gonna sound even scarier.



so when natural (which is a bit wavy, think natural Lucy Hale in like season 3 of PLL) my hair falls down to my mid back. and i’m chopping it all off.

i’m cutting to a bit below my ears, so it’s a lot for me. but that’s okay. i want a change. and my other option was dying it bright pink. i am definitely never doing that, and plus dyed hair is kind of Jadey’s thing. and occasionally Lorelei’s but she only does the tips., and probably only to try to be cool. and they also look kind of weird (on Lorelei, Jadey pulls it off insanely well). and no i’m not saying that because she’s dating my life long crush. it’s just a fact. well, maybe it’s because of that. but you’ll never know… 🙂

i would upload a picture of before and after, but you know it’s not really a smart idea to put a picture of yourself out on the internet. sorry guys.

but yeah i just thought i would inform you on the crazy shit that’s happening at the moment. and there’s definitely going to be more to come i promise.