How did this happen to me. Seriously.

Aria Rose Kopenfelt is now apart of the universal blogisphere. who would've guessed? i never thought it would come to this. i mean people with lives don't blog... or even read blogs (no offense)! but here i am, sitting behind my computer screen, glasses, messy hair and all, typing away to try and satisfy myself and other people (no i don't mean masturbating you pervs). anyways, since i'm here i should probably introduce myself a little bit better. i'm Aria. i'm 15 years old, i have brown hair and i'm 5'1". basically pretty short. i like finger monkeys and i'm severely allergic to pineapples. i hate pop music and i'm also really annoying about 90% of the time. sorry about that. but I'd say my life is pretty interesting (also known as random shit happening every now and then) , so if you'd like, stick around, grab a snack (or a drink, do as you please) and enjoy yourself.

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