omegle is addicting.

not in a sexual way or anything.


it’s just fun to go on.

but what you do is:

go on omegle and start chatting with some guy pretending you’re his age. start talking to him sexually. get him all warmed up and horny as fuck. its hilarious when they’re horny and you’re just sitting there eating your mac and cheese just laughing. it really is.


so you do that. talk for a while, however long as you please. it may get interesting 😉

but then, whenever you get bored and want to move onto the next guy, ask if you can tell him a dirty secret.

when he agrees, because he will probably think it’s something sexual,

tell him you’re 10.

or that you have herpes.

they will probably just automatically disconnect. or if they’re so shocked they can’t process anything, they’ll start asking you questions. like

why did you do this.

or better yet

call you a liar, dirty, or just too young.

and it’s really funny.

but it’s even funnier when they’re super embarrassed.

you can “see” them furiously getting red through the chat log. and then you save it and show all of your friends. jadey thinks i’m nasty. but oh well. i love her, but she needs to relax. she’s literally neck deep in school and doesn’t even have a boyfriend! she’s still a virgin too… even tho I am as well. but at least i’ve had a boyfriend before.

my parents never watch over me.

they don’t even know what my blog is. i mean they know i’m blogging, but they don’t know what my blog is. i also change little bits and pieces of my life, so if someone were to find out it was me (which they wont) it would be harder for them to justify. also i really don’t want to just throw myself out there.







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