today sucked. horribly.

today sucked.

but before i start i want to let you know i’m so very sleep deprived and i’m filled with caffeine…

(hazelnut cappachino if you cared to know)

anyways… today sucked.

really badly.

i’m only 15, but since i live in portland, i’m old enough for my driving permit. but i don’t have my license. which means i can’t drive by myself. and i don’t have my own car. so anyways, i have my own horse. and my barn is about 20 minutes away from where i live. i was going to ride today and work on preparing for team in the spring, but i can’t drive myself. and my parents are fucking lazy asses and won’t take me.

and just to make things worse,

we were doing a musical at my school, and i was the lead, but then the company takes away our rights. it’s been a fucking joy ride all week. it’s hell. and don’t think of me as some spoiled rich girl, or anything who doesn’t get their way. no. my life is literally hell. no, my life is worse than hell.

and i know that there are starving people in africa, and there’s people dying of cancer, and people being raped everyday. and i feel for them. but this is my blog, so i talk about my problems. if you don’t like that,

that’s your own choice.

as i’m sitting here talking to you, i’m also ranting to my fabulous best friend jade about my world of problems. you’ll hear me talk about her a lot. she has bright blue hair, it’s pretty sick. she’s also obsessed with cats. she’s used to my complaining. but a lot of you probably aren’t. so you can try to get used to it.

or not.


most of you are probably pretty happy that i’m here blogging instead of doing shit that actually means something in life.

don’t get me wrong, i like blogging. but i really wish i was doing something with my life. instead of you know spilling my life story to a bunch of random people i don’t even know.

but what can you do when you’re life’s a black hole?


absolutely nothing.





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