i most certainly have the dignity to post more than once a day.

so i’ve been editing my blog homepage and whatever and then i realized that even tho i just posted a little bit ago that i wanted to post again, but only so many interesting things happen in one day so it’ll just be another poem i recently wrote.

My Heavy Heart by A. Kopenfelt

two young lovers

once cradled together;


without words.

stared into each others eyes,

filled with lust and


two young lovers,

once together,

in a shared room.

now in different


i stand ; on the balcony.

the crisp wind kisses my


instead of your soft lips i remember

so well.

i open my palm

to release my lighter and


my nose is tickled red as i

take a drag.

the smoke

burns my lungs,

but it’s painless,

compared to

my heavy heart.

that throbs when it rains.

because i know that it

only beats for



*this piece of literature does not encourage the use of cigarettes. but do whatever you want, it’s your life. who am i to judge, right?*



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