aria kopenfelt or matilda wormwood?

so i just got back from rehearsal (remember the non-existing show i was talking about?). i found out what show we’re replacing Beauty and the Beast (yes that was the show and I was Belle if you were curious *twinge of sadness*) with. And if you don’t know why we had to replace the first show, the company was just being a total ass-hat and not letting us or anyone have rights to perform it. so that sucked. but we’re doing Matilda.

for a 7th grade – 12th grade acting troop production.

guess who’s playing Matilda?

that’s right.

yours truly.

let me just remind you that i am a junior in high school. and Matilda is a 7 year old girl.

i’m 5’1, the shortest in the acting troop, even shorter than the 7th graders. (are they usually way taller now because when i was 11 i was like 4’5 and now all of them are legit 5’5+. ) the director said i would make a great Matilda. literally because i’m short. and because apparently i have a baby face. like thanks for typecasting babe love you too.

but i’m grateful that i get to perform, even if it’s as a 7 year old british genius. oh Jadey’s in it too! (you’ll here me refer to her as Jadey like 99% of the time but her name is Jade, just to clarify. i’ll make a who’s who page later.) she’s working backstage, she doesn’t really like to perform that much. a bunch of my other friends are in it too, like Brooklyn (she’s a freshman) who’s playing Lavender and Lorelei (a junior like me) who’s playing just another one of the kids at school. (yeah she’s also pretty short, like 5’3)

and then there’s Matt.

the guy i like. like a lot.

he’s a senior and he’s playing my father, mr. wormwood.

yeah. that’s a little weird.

but, i’ll never have a chance with him anywaysssss…..

because he’s dating one of my best friends, Lorelei.


that’s also a bit weird. (at least he’s not dating Jadey EVEN THO SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO ME. but this is still bad)

the struggle is fucking real.

especially because even though i’m really open on my blog, i’m a really shy individual (in person) when it comes to strangers, and Matt. like i can’t present speeches in class. but i’m really good at performing on stage, like all my shyness goes away. i really don’t understand it.

but you wanna know what else sucked horribly? when we were doing Beauty and the Beast, belle and the beast are supposed to kiss. AND MATT WAS THE FUCKING BEAST. AND WE WERE GONNA KISS. THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN IS NOT FAIR AT ALL THIS IS FUCKING MADNESS IF ANY OF YOU FEEL MY PAIN HOW DO I EVEN DEAL WITH THISSSSSSS UGH.

we did kiss once tho. in the 7th grade. and then i ran away afterwards.


now that i got that out of my system, we can move onto something else.

this is gonna sound even scarier.



so when natural (which is a bit wavy, think natural Lucy Hale in like season 3 of PLL) my hair falls down to my mid back. and i’m chopping it all off.

i’m cutting to a bit below my ears, so it’s a lot for me. but that’s okay. i want a change. and my other option was dying it bright pink. i am definitely never doing that, and plus dyed hair is kind of Jadey’s thing. and occasionally Lorelei’s but she only does the tips., and probably only to try to be cool. and they also look kind of weird (on Lorelei, Jadey pulls it off insanely well). and no i’m not saying that because she’s dating my life long crush. it’s just a fact. well, maybe it’s because of that. but you’ll never know… 🙂

i would upload a picture of before and after, but you know it’s not really a smart idea to put a picture of yourself out on the internet. sorry guys.

but yeah i just thought i would inform you on the crazy shit that’s happening at the moment. and there’s definitely going to be more to come i promise.



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