call me a chicken.


i didn’t cut my hair as short as i said i would. i got too scared.

i’ve had long hair all my life and i couldn’t just chop it all off…….!

i got a trim tho and it looks #fabulous  (i never use hashtags so it must mean something)

and she straightened it and it looks 100% more tameable which is great!

but i wish i cut more off.


i also got side bangs, like shorter hair in the front to angle/shape my face. i’ve never had them before and they’re really different…

but they look okay so that’s all i care about 🙂

so i really don’t know what i’m doing today… probably just gonna hang out at home…

there’s officially like 30 days left till my 16th birthdayyyyy then i get my OFFICIAL LICENSE AND A CARRRRRRR (please mommy?) my birthday is March 15th 2000, if you were wondering. but ew adulthood seems so close…. oh man…. BUT I MEAN PEOPLE MISTAKE ME FOR A 6TH GRADER SO I CAN JUST PRETEND I’M LIKE 11 FOREVER. maybe.

so i looked up the songs in Matilda last night and the kids sound like they’re like 7. no offense to them it’s really cute but i don’t get how people will think i’m 7. oh well, what can i do about it. OH DID I MENTION THAT A 7TH GRADER IS PLAYING MY MOM. AND MATT IS MY DAD? yeah so that’s happening…. ugh.





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