help me. please.

so right now i’m probably at the scariest place i’ve ever been to in my life.


i’m regretting this so much but i can’t turn back now…

ugh i curse my mom for telling me i needed to cut my hair. it’s not even THAT long… but i kind of agree, it is a bit unmanagable… BUT i still really DO NOT want to cut my hair. HELP MEEEEEEEE. they’re all saying that it will be fine and it won’t be that bad buttttttttt i’m still really really nervous because i haven’t cut my hair short in a really long time. i usually just trim my hair every couple months, like a centimeter. like i trim it by myself. but i have never got it cut super short before. and i’m really really REALLY SCAREDDDDDDD.

let’s just list what i’m afraid of:

-regretting it.

-getting it too short

-getting judged

-having it curl up a lot and then having a clown wig as hair

-having it look really bad.

so now that we’ve got that over with i can try to calm myself down and say this is going to be okay. but i’m still freaking out.

my mom is getting her’s cut right now and her and the haircutter are talking about college. COLLEGE. AND ME. i’m not ready for college! i mean sure i’m close to graduating (like a year and a half) but i’m not ready for that! they’re also talking about her son who just turned 18 and is going to some school in new york. but not NYU.

i have no idea where i want to go.

that doesn’t sound too good, huh. well it’s true, and i’m completely honest on this blog.

mostly. no just kidding i literally spill my life lout to you people. who i don’t even know. i must trust you guys a lot.

oh shit my mom’s done. it’s my turn.

fuck. well i gotta go.



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