february break!

so i’m on break until this coming thursday! Jadey’s coming over in like 2o minutes and she’s sleeping over until tuesday *happiness level goes up x100*!and then Brooklyn is coming on Monday night just to stay over cuz it’s more fun with 3 (except when it’s you, your crush, and his girlfriend. that’s not fun.)

so they cancelled all rehearsals for Matilda this week, except we have a night rehearsal on friday. we’d also usually have a night rehearsal on tuesday but there’s no school so…

my grandma called me earlier today and told me all about this play Hamilton on broadway ( she lives in the fabulous NYC) and it sounds really weird tbh, she’s like oh it’s so amazing, but i took a trip over there like 3 years ago and saw Cinderella (#theater nut). now that was amazing. Santino and Laura’s chemistry amazed me. it’s almost as good as troian bellisario’s and keegan allen’s. yes i watch PLL get over it. but i’m not a typical white girl.(the only starbucks i drink is coffee and i have never owned a pair of Ugg boots.)

so i’m really loving my new haircut. like i really like this style. too bad next time i go back i promised myself i’m chopping it all. well, almost all of it. i just can’t go all the way.

it’s valentines day… my momma got me chocolate tho so it’s not as bad as i originally thought it would be. but Lorelei is probably all snuggled up with Matt having a romantic holiday… ugh why did my mind just go there… anyways…

yeah we have rehearsal on friday but at least i get to see Matt. OH JADEY’S HERE NOW I’M WRITING THIS LIKE SECTION LIKE 3 HOURS LATER CUZ I COMPLETELY FORGOT THAT I WAS IN THE MIDST OF WRITING ONC JADE GOT HERE BUT SHE’S HERE AND NOW EVERYTHING IT BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRR lol sorry #bestie problems. we were just watching a movie and i pull up my computer tabs and here you areeeeee. but i should probably go…

JADEY SAYS BYEEEEE (so do i haha)


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