waterfalls and park picnics💕

so last night I was watching a movie with my family and it was really boring. I think it was called A Walk In The Woods. anyways so I was really bored so I texted Matt. it was a good idea.  

so apparently he had this full first date all planned out. and I had no idea what it was. that was annoying. 

I usually hate surprises. but this surprise was totally amazing.

we went to a waterfall! first we drove (it was probably an hour drive ish…?) in his car to the waterfall, and we were blasting the radio singing and having fun basically. he had brought a picnic and we had lunch. we then walked around in the little pond where the mini falls were and he picked me up and we kissed. quite a bit. but I won’t describe it because well, that would be weird.

but yeah it was a really amazing first date!

but just let me know if I get annoying talking about Matt and stuff cuz I just like to talk about happy stuff and he makes me happy. but I’ll talk about different stuff I promise.


well it’s not mine yet cuz I’m not officially licensed but I have it picked out specifically and everything! so basically I’ve been saving up for a car since I was 11. I babysat and I still do but I put all of my money in the bank and never spent any of it (that was the hardest part). when I was 14 i got multiple jobs at my local food market and dunkin donuts and just random jobs here and there, and I have enough money for the car I want!!! its a Toyota Highlander (big car tiny human), but I’m still deciding which color – Ooh La La Rouge Mica, Silver Sky Metallic, or Predawn Grey Mica. if you look them up let me know your opinion! but I’m not actually buying the car until I pass my drivers test (I probably will tho #fabulousdriver) but yeah I saved up my money and it’s really gonna pay off! I’m really excited for March 15th (birthdayyyyy and actually the day I’m taking my test!) 

so yeah that was my really good day! 

-Aria Rose🌸🦄


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