idk what to title this so

hey everyone who reads my posts,

most of you know that i’m not in America at the moment, i’m in Rome! i know that i blogged like everwhile i was in London, but i really want to experience this trip. i’m not going to blog for the next few days. i feel bad because i don’t want to leave you guys hanging, but i promise i’ll update you on everything after my trip ends. i just really want to spend time with Matt and enjoy my spring break (while it lasts) without having to blog. i love blogging (obviously) but i really just want to enjoy this trip without having to use my phone or laptop so much. i’m gonna miss updating, but it’s only for 4 days.

but you can read my old posts if you want to (but who wants to do that… idk)

so i’m sorry i won’t be posting for like 4 or 5 days, but i’ll have a shit ton of stuff to tell you when i get back to the Americas.

love you ❤



we almost died.


let me tell you how we almost died.


so when we woke up this morning we had planned out the entire day (because it was our last day in London, we’re taking our flight to Rome tomorrow). we decided to go see Big Ben and just tour around that area. we couldn’t walk there (for obvious reasons) so we decided to call an uber to take us there. so when the uber came , our driver was an really nice, and was a good driver. the ride was going perfectly fine basically the whole way.


this one driver was going really slow, and the one behind him was annoyed, so he speeds up, DRIVES INTO OUR FUCKING LANE, ALMOST HITS US HEAD ON, but swerves out of the way just in time. we were also going over a hill, so it was like a blind spot or whatever. but yeah. i was barely paying attention, but then i grab onto Matt’s hand so hard and our driver honks the horn so loudly. it was really scary.

if our driver wasn’t paying attention, we would probably be dead right now.

just saying.

but we made it to Big Ben (luckily in one piece) and we got to tour around and it was really cool and amazing.

we took a lot of cute pics.

they’re on my instagram, so if you happen to just stumble across there, you can see our cute relationship goal pictures (but i’m not telling you my user, cuz i have pictures of who i ACTUALLY AM on there. sorry.) it’s like 1 am, so i think we’re gonna go to sleep cuz we have to wake up early to get to the airport. (which means watch youtube videos all night and drink lots of coffee in the morning) but yeah. just wanted to tell you about my near death experience today.

love you allllllll ❤

we slept together.

we did. i mean, not in the way you think. but we did.

we slept together. in the same bed.

sorry i know that was annoying and you were expecting something else.

but i already told you, this cast is keeping me from doing anything.

except hobbling around LONDON!

so it’s like 2 right now, we slept till 12 and have just been laying in bed for the past 2 hours. we’re very productive people. but waking up in his arms was probably the best thing in the world. he’s so cute.

today we’re just gonna walk around London and be those awkward annoying tourists taking pictures of everything.

we’re gonna get some lunch soon.

we have like 3 days left in London, then off to Rome!

i’m literally in love with everyone’s accents here. they’re so amazing.

i want to practice my accent but i feel like they’d think i’m mocking them, so i won’t do that.

so yeah. i’m not gonna be updating as much for the next week, i’ll try to get on as much as possible, but wifi is bad and i want to spend time with Matt, so i’m sorry if i can’t get on as much… ❤

so i’m gonna get dressed and we’re gonna head out into the big world of London.

have a great day!

rambling on in PIA

i’m currently in the Portland International Airport with Matt, writing to you on my iPhone.

we’re boarding our plane in about an hour and i couldn’t be more excited.

this is only gonna be a quick update because i want to just let you know what’s going on.

we’re currently sitting in a food court (or whatever you’d call it) and eating food cuz we’re hungry. that’s why you eat, right? so yeah we’re eating and i got a PLAIN REGULAR coffee cuz anything other than that is nasty and has too much sugar. Matt got this caramel frappachino thing and it’s wayyyyy to sweet for me.

but yeah we’re just chilling here and waiting. it’s almost 2 and our plane takes off in about an hour and we got here at like 11.

so we’re waiting. it’s pretty boring. but i’m so fucking excited.

i really like british accents. like i want one really badly. i don’t know why. i just want one. they’re cute.

i’m really anxious right now, that’s why i’m rambling on and on… i haven’t been on a plane in like 3 years…. i’m so excited.

what’s better than internationally travelling with the love of your life?


just kidding, they’res nothing better than that.

holy shit this is actually happening.

i’m gonna go cuz i’m just rambling on and i want to talk to real people.

not that you aren’t real, but you’re not in my life in front of me.

i mean you’re in my phone which is in front of me.

but you’re not literally in front of my face.

well, you know what i mean.

see you in London!


Aria Rose


one day.

there is only one day until i get out of this little town and into the big world.

well, i’m technically only going to like 2 places, but still.

i’m leaving in one day.

with the love of my life.

and i couldn’t be more excited.


so i slept over at Matt’s last night. it got really late and he asked to drive me home but we were both so tired and we just fell asleep.

it was nice to sleep next to someone.

i felt secure; safe.

it was nice.


i want to talk about something that makes me sad. but i don’t want to make you sad, so don’t read if you don’t want to.

i haven’t talked about Mason yet. because it makes me sad to talk about him.

but i want to talk about him today. i’m ready.

Mason was my role model. i looked up to Mason while i was growing up. he was an amazing person. he influenced me to be a good human being, and that’s why i’m who i am today. Mason was a great person. he had friends, he was nice to everyone, he was great at sports and good with technology. he was also great with children.

but i have no idea where he is right now.

Mason is my older brother.

he is about 19 now, around 3 years older than me.

everyone liked Mason. until they didn’t.

when he was 16, (i was only 13) people started to make fun of him, a lot. no matter how nice he was to them, they were mean to him. they made fun of the way he looked, what he liked to do, and other things.

it got so bad that he quit everything. he quit the baseball team, he quit learning about technology, and he quit theater. he quit doing what he loved because people were bringing him down for it.

i never pictured him as a quitter. but that’s what he turned into.

when he turned 18 (last year) he left. he didn’t tell us where he was going or what he was going to do with his life. he’s just gone. i don’t know where he is, but all i know is that my role model disappeared. what kind of role modeling is that?

and i never heard from him after that.

he was gonna leave anyways, because he turned 18, and was a “full fledged adult”. but i wish he told me what he was gonna do, or where he was going.

he doesn’t know anything about me anymore. he doesn’t know that i got the lead in my show. he doesn’t know that i found my other half. he doesn’t know that i broke my foot.

i just wish i knew he was okay.

that’s all.

i guess my life is a train wreck, huh. no father, missing brother.

i get along though.

i get along just fine.



victoria’s secret and a pregnancy test.

warning. this post may be graphic to younger readers.

jk just keep reading it’s good i promise.

i love victoria’s secret. just gonna be honest. AND JUST BECAUSE I’M SHORT DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE SMALL BOOBS OKAY? just wanted to put that out there.


i love victoria’s secret. it’s fun to get bras that make you look fabulous and their underwear is the best. but that’s not why i bring up victoria’s secret.

this is a rant btw. so if you don’t like rants you should leave rn. but stay, i have cookies.

no i don’t. i’m baiting you into staying. because you still think you’re gonna get a cookie if you read. you’re not, sorry. but please stay. it’s a fun rant. i promise.

so. i went with Jade (ik she’s in like every post but i don’t care.) to VS/PINK today because we needed a mall day and it was kind of an extension of my birthday. (i know what you’re thinking. my broken foot. yeah i was hobbling around the mall all day. and i looked like an idiot. but it was fun.) so yeah we went to the mall and spent at least an hour in VS. and during the time span we were there i saw at least 5 girls with their boyfriends in there. they were making their boyfriends help them choose a million thongs and bras to try on. then i heard a few of the girls say, “oh you’re buying these for me, if you didn’t know.”

like wtf.

first of all, it’s not fair to bring your boyfriend to a lingerie store. (“omg Aria, lingerie is so inappropriate.” stop. no it’s not.) anyways. it’s not fair to him. he doesn’t want to be with you while you’re looking for underwear and bras. it’s not fun for him. he doesn’t enjoy shopping for panties, okay? he wants to play basketball or anything else than shop for lingerie. i love my boyfriend to death, but i’m not gonna force him to come shopping at VS or anywhere with me if he doesn’t want to. if he doesn’t want to come, he shouldn’t have to. but if he wants to, you could have some fun in the dressing room ;). just kidding. people change in there. that’s nasty.

and SECOND?!

he doesn’t want to be there in the first place! YOU CANNOT FORCE HIM TO PAY FOR YOUR SHIT. IT IS EXPENSIVE, EVEN WITH A SALE! i got a sale today for 7 panties (i hate that word) for $27.50 + $10 off a regularly priced bra (which i needed desperately and is usually like $40 and the underwear is usually $10 a piece!) i still spent like $60 there! i’m not the kind of person who’s gonna force my boyfriend to pay for my shit. it’s rude. if you want to go shopping at an expensive store, you better bring your own money! he probably wants to buy his own stuff, not shit for you! sure, he can buy you gifts and random presents here and there, but to force him to pay for your underwear? that’s a no-no.


now for the juicy stuff.

my mom just about murdered me when i got home.

the reason?

she found a pregnancy test on my PERSONAL bathroom sink.

let me explain.

i cannot have sex with Matt. it’s impossible with this fucking cast boot thing.


i missed my period.

i usually get it on a strict schedule. that’s why when i missed it, i was scared.

even tho i’m still a fucking virgin and probably will be for a long time, i was paranoid and couldn’t push it out of my mind until i bought a pregnancy test. because i knew it was the only way to know for sure. even tho i’m a virgin. if that makes sense. it’s confusing. but just think it out.

i thought maybe i could’ve been pregnant. just because i missed my period. even tho i’m a virgin. like wtf is wrong with me. i’m so stupid.

so anyways, my period was just off schedule by like 2 days. and i was scared. so i bought a test. and i didn’t use it (because my period came, obviously). but i left it on my bathroom counter.

my PERSONAL bathroom that nobody else uses. so i thought i could leave it out.

but of course my mom was doing some cleaning. and found it.

so i told her everything, and she told me i was an idiot and i almost gave her a heart attack.

but don’t worry guys, i’m not gonna be barefoot and pregnant by the time i’m (just barely) 16. then i couldn’t blog. and i can’t leave you guys.

yeah so my mom’s mad at me now cuz i almost scared her to death.

sorry mommy love you.

i also have figured out something else!

so sometimes what i do is i mix up the first letter of words and switch them. like i say –

i can hear you cloud and lear!

instead of

i can hear you loud and clear!

it’s called a spoonerism.

a spoonerism is – a verbal error in which a speaker accidentally transposes the initial sounds or letters of two or more words, often to humorous effect, as in the sentence you have hissed the mystery lectures, accidentally spoken instead of the intended sentence you have missed the history lectures.

so that’s cool.

it’s spring break and i’m really excited!

I HAVE REALLY EXCITING NEWS EVERYBODY (especially my british fans ;))





ever since i was little my mom said i could travel by myself once i was 16. and i’m 16! so me and Matt were planning this even before we started dating, like we started like 5 months ago. Jade was gonna come but she can’t. it’s a long story i can’t get into, because it’s a privacy violation. but you could ask her if you wanted.




i shit you not. this is happening. and i’m so excited.

we’re going to London first for 5 days. then we’re going to Rome for another 5.

it’s gonna be amazing.

but Jadey can’t come. which is sad. because i’ll miss her. but it’ll still be great.

i’m internationally travelling with the person i’m in love with.

at this time last year, i was sitting on my ass eating chips watching old FRIENDS episodes.

now i’m in a relationship, have a broken foot, and about to travel to London and Rome in the same 2 week span. this is insane.

i also went to bath and body works and got candles. they smell nice.

i have to go, i’m going to Matt’s house (ooh scandalous we’re gonna be in the bedroom better grab 8 million packs of strawberry condoms and some bacon flavored lube EW WHAT KIND OF COMBO IS THAT) (i’m totally kidding i’m only helping him pack…) 😉

WE’RE ACTUALLY SO LAME we’re just gonna watch a movie or something. it’s our go-to date. a movie. yeah we’re cool.

but once when we were in 6th grade we took his mattress off his bed and slid down the stairs on it. those were the days.

but yeah, i have to go, cuz i can’t drive and my mom’s waiting.

love you!

i’ll tell you about Matt and i’s movie date later.

i might sleepover at his place tho so i’ll just talk to you tomorrow or whenever.

love you!

~noah’s ARK (@ my initials)~

i’m lame i know.

gotta go!








writers block and a jealous human being

i’m talking about my short story.

first off, i barely know any french.

but that’s what google translate is for, right?

so anyways, i’m writing a short story for my AP English class, and it’s due tomorrow. and i’m stuck. like i have writers block. and i’m not even a writer.

i love my short story. it’s really cute. except i can’t continue it.

so i’m at the part where Mathis found out that Arielle is dying, and he turns to alcohol. and i can’t figure out what to write for the alcohol flashback. i just can’t.

i’ve dug myself a hole. and i’m not tall enough to climb out of it.

(20 minutes later)

I’VE FIGURED IT OUT! but i’m not telling yet. i’ll post the whole thing tomorrow after i hand it in. maybe. i don’t know.


today while me and Jade were walking to our classes, Jade said, “bye Lep!” like you know, Leprechaun? that’s also what we call each other cuz Leprechaun is a fucking mouthful. so anyways, we part, and Lorelei was apparently walking behind me going to the same class as me. and i shit you not, she said, “your nickname sounds like an STD.”



she said my nickname sounded like a sexually transmitted disease.


and i was LITERALLY SO FED UP WITH HER BULLSHIT, cuz she has been saying shit to me ever since me and Matt started dating, and i said, “you wanna know what i don’t like about you, Lorelei? you don’t know how to be nice. you’ve been a jealous little bitch ever since me and Matt got together and even before that because you can’t stand to see other people be happy. but that’s not even the worst part! when you’re happy, you rub it in everyone’s faces. THAT is what i don’t like about you.”

and the class was silent.

i may have gone a little far, but i didn’t give a shit.

then i hobbled past her on my short crutches and sat down in my seat. she didn’t bother me for the rest of the day.

and if you were wondering, i didn’t give a shit that she said my nickname sounded like an STD, cuz i like my nickname and i don’t really care what she thinks. i gave a shit because all she’s been is rude to me ever since we met, and even more so when i started dating Matt. and i was sick of it.

also, i’m never mean on purpose. but i can be really mean when i need to be.

so that’s my little story, hope it brightened your day.

love you! ❤