i need your help. please.

so i know i just posted like 10 minutes ago but i just have to ask.

did i help someone cheat?

i was the reason Matt and Lorelei broke up.

did i help him cheat on her?

i love Matt to pieces. but was what i did wrong?

i love Matt with all of my heart, but i’m pretty sure Lorelei did too. and i can’t stop thinking that i ruined someone’s relationship.

yeah, Matt admitted to me that he would never have been with Lorelei if he thought i would date him in the first place, but they were technically still dating when we kissed for the first time.

and i feel bad. i mean Lorelei can’t even look at me anymore. and we were just starting to be friends again.

i just can’t stop thinking, was i the one who screwed up their relationship?

i’m gonna talk to Matt. i’ll ask him.

but i have homework to do, i can’t think about this right now.

~aria rose~



5 thoughts on “i need your help. please.

  1. Sounds like the Matt guy wasn’t really interested in Lorelei. It would have ended anyway its not your fault :/


  2. HEY, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Relationships, and ENDS of them, will always be tricky. You might have hurt her, but wouldn’t it have been just as bad if he’d broken up with her before?


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