most likely to

most likely to be famous.

most likely to join a band.

most likely couple to be together forever. (Jadey wrote down me and Matt. hey, we’ll just have to see…)

it’s basically people getting judged on how other people see them.

not that i don’t like it, it’s really fun to figure out what category you won.

until it’s not fun anymore.

i was in Psychology class today and we were talking about the yearbook. we were all filling out these superlative forms for the yearbook , and we were all just laughing about who we were choosing for each slot, like how I was most likely to be President (definitely not, even tho Matt said he’d vote for me. aww. BUT HEY I’D STILL BE BETTER THAN DONALD TRUMP btw hey England if Trump becomes President, me, Matt, Jadey, and Brooklyn moving to England together so watch out), or how Jade was going to win the lottery and lose the ticket (which is totally something she’d do).

but then it started to get mean.

people were putting this girl named Alice (who is extremely smart and creative) down for movie star. it doesn’t seem mean, but it was only because they were saying she would be a porn star after she graduated high school. all because of this nasty rumor that she lost her virginity in the 8th grade to a 10th grader who smoked pot and cut off squirrels heads, because she was that desperate to be considered cool. which is a totally false rumor, by the way.

and yeah that was mean. but this is what really made me so upset.

some girl said that there should be an ugliest person category. that made me annoyed right off the bat, but i was curious to see who she would’ve chosen. so i asked her. and she said – “for girl i don’t really know, but for guy it would be Daniel Stitz.”

did i hear that correctly?

i haven’t told you about him, but me and Daniel used to be good friends, and hearing someone say something like that about him made me so upset. Daniel is alone a lot. People are mean to him; Mackenzie and her “posse”, the other guys. Just because he likes music and singing, instead of football and basketball. they call him gay, ugly, and so many more names that disgust me.

people can be such assholes. it’s horrifying, that society is this way. i literally feel like throwing up when someone is so mean to someone else that they consider hurting themselves.

what they don’t know about Daniel, is that he used to cut himself. he thought that HE was the bad person, that HE was the problem. that HE needed to be punished for being bullied.

i don’t really know Daniel anymore. he used to be a completely different human being. he’s changed, because of those sickening people. they’ve molded him into this dark monster. and it’s not okay.

and Alice, she’s tough. she doesn’t let shit get to her, at least not at school. but nobody ever knows how she feels inside. nobody ever knows if she’s seriously hurting. i know i would never want to be called a future porn star. that’s upsetting. no matter how funny you think it is, that could really hurt someone.

and to be honest, i’m not best friends with either of them. i don’t really know them, but i could get to know them. and i want to. i want to get to know them as who they are, not who everybody says they are. and hey, maybe Alice did lose her virginity in the 8th grade, and maybe Daniel is gay. but that’s their business. but i will bet money that Daniel will be the next Paul McCartney. and Alice, she’s extremely smart, even if she doesn’t act like it most of the time. she’ll probably write thousands of famous books.

and the people who are rude and are horrible people?

they’re not gonna go anywhere in life.

popularity only can last so long. it’s not gonna get them anywhere after high school ends.

yeah maybe Mackenzie the captain of the cheer leading squad and is dating Andrew, the Quarterback of the football team. and maybe Julia is that cute dumb blonde who has big boobs that all of the guys are attracted to, but that will end, really soon.

and i want to be the first one to break it to them.

~aria rose~



One thought on “most likely to

  1. You are right. Bullying is something stupid and it stays with you your whole life. It makes me mad that people can be that mean and that they do not think about how much their words actually hurt someone.


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