st. patrick’s day & my 16th birthday



so tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day! it’s also me and Jade’s “day” tomorrow! (i was gonna say special day but that sounded creepy in my head so…) so basically when we were in 7th or 8th grade we started calling each other leprechauns, i have no idea why. that’s just what we are, leprechauns. probably cuz we’re both so short. but yeah so those names stuck and we’re leprechauns.we just are. and it’s St. Patrick’s day tomorrow, so it’s our day. yeah.

for my 16th birthday celebration last night we went to a restaurant with a karaoke bar! yes, a karaoke bar. it was really fun! i can’t do a lot because of my broken foot, but we got to eat really good food and sing a lot. it was really funny. most of the time Jade, Brooklyn, and I were just goofing off and singing along to random songs and laughing (with Matt taking videos. he likes to do that. idk why. you should ask him sometime). but then it was later at night and Matt got up on the “stage” (it was more like a platform) with me and we sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and it was really cute… it was a super fun night and i wouldn’t have had it any other way! then Jadey and Brooklyn slept over at my house on my trampoline in the freezing cold in the backyard. that was interesting. but it was still super fun and amazing and i loved it.

then today i had school again. it was really boring. we’ve started prepping for the SATs now, and it sucks. it really does. but it’ll be over soon…



so recently i’ve fallen in love with Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey. their music is so amazing and it’s not your average pop music but it’s so gorgeous and sounds really amazing. check them out if you haven’t because you don’t know what you’re missing.

when i’m not at school i spend most of my time on the couch. i can’t really do anything, so i’m probably gonna be blogging a lot more because i don’t really have a life right now. but i like blogging, so it’s kind of a good thing…?

i’m currently eating cereal and it’s really good. if you cared to know. i have rehearsal tomorrow, so i’m gonna go with Matt and just sing along to MY SONGS NOT LORELEI’S, cuz i can’t really dance.

yes. Lorelei is my understudy. and she’s rubbing in my face like no tomorrow. and you’d think she’d be more mature. but she acts like she’s 13. (Lorelei is my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend if you didn’t know)

but something that makes me more annoyed?!?!?! (you’re probably gonna laugh but it’s not funny) so i was sitting on the couch earlier and i was really bored so i was reading the numbers on my crutches. and THEY SAY THAT I’M 4’9″. I AM NOT 4’9″ tall! I AM 5’1″ tall! THEY LITERALLY SAY THAT I’M THE SIZE OF A 2ND GRADER! I AM NOT A SECOND GRADER. UGH.

ok that’s my rant.

so i want more cereal, so i’m gonna go.

i hope you had a nice day!

~aria rose~





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