writers block and a jealous human being

i’m talking about my short story.

first off, i barely know any french.

but that’s what google translate is for, right?

so anyways, i’m writing a short story for my AP English class, and it’s due tomorrow. and i’m stuck. like i have writers block. and i’m not even a writer.

i love my short story. it’s really cute. except i can’t continue it.

so i’m at the part where Mathis found out that Arielle is dying, and he turns to alcohol. and i can’t figure out what to write for the alcohol flashback. i just can’t.

i’ve dug myself a hole. and i’m not tall enough to climb out of it.

(20 minutes later)

I’VE FIGURED IT OUT! but i’m not telling yet. i’ll post the whole thing tomorrow after i hand it in. maybe. i don’t know.


today while me and Jade were walking to our classes, Jade said, “bye Lep!” like you know, Leprechaun? that’s also what we call each other cuz Leprechaun is a fucking mouthful. so anyways, we part, and Lorelei was apparently walking behind me going to the same class as me. and i shit you not, she said, “your nickname sounds like an STD.”



she said my nickname sounded like a sexually transmitted disease.


and i was LITERALLY SO FED UP WITH HER BULLSHIT, cuz she has been saying shit to me ever since me and Matt started dating, and i said, “you wanna know what i don’t like about you, Lorelei? you don’t know how to be nice. you’ve been a jealous little bitch ever since me and Matt got together and even before that because you can’t stand to see other people be happy. but that’s not even the worst part! when you’re happy, you rub it in everyone’s faces. THAT is what i don’t like about you.”

and the class was silent.

i may have gone a little far, but i didn’t give a shit.

then i hobbled past her on my short crutches and sat down in my seat. she didn’t bother me for the rest of the day.

and if you were wondering, i didn’t give a shit that she said my nickname sounded like an STD, cuz i like my nickname and i don’t really care what she thinks. i gave a shit because all she’s been is rude to me ever since we met, and even more so when i started dating Matt. and i was sick of it.

also, i’m never mean on purpose. but i can be really mean when i need to be.

so that’s my little story, hope it brightened your day.

love you! ❤




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