rambling on in PIA

i’m currently in the Portland International Airport with Matt, writing to you on my iPhone.

we’re boarding our plane in about an hour and i couldn’t be more excited.

this is only gonna be a quick update because i want to just let you know what’s going on.

we’re currently sitting in a food court (or whatever you’d call it) and eating food cuz we’re hungry. that’s why you eat, right? so yeah we’re eating and i got a PLAIN REGULAR coffee cuz anything other than that is nasty and has too much sugar. Matt got this caramel frappachino thing and it’s wayyyyy to sweet for me.

but yeah we’re just chilling here and waiting. it’s almost 2 and our plane takes off in about an hour and we got here at like 11.

so we’re waiting. it’s pretty boring. but i’m so fucking excited.

i really like british accents. like i want one really badly. i don’t know why. i just want one. they’re cute.

i’m really anxious right now, that’s why i’m rambling on and on… i haven’t been on a plane in like 3 years…. i’m so excited.

what’s better than internationally travelling with the love of your life?


just kidding, they’res nothing better than that.

holy shit this is actually happening.

i’m gonna go cuz i’m just rambling on and i want to talk to real people.

not that you aren’t real, but you’re not in my life in front of me.

i mean you’re in my phone which is in front of me.

but you’re not literally in front of my face.

well, you know what i mean.

see you in London!


Aria Rose



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