we slept together.

we did. i mean, not in the way you think. but we did.

we slept together. in the same bed.

sorry i know that was annoying and you were expecting something else.

but i already told you, this cast is keeping me from doing anything.

except hobbling around LONDON!

so it’s like 2 right now, we slept till 12 and have just been laying in bed for the past 2 hours. we’re very productive people. but waking up in his arms was probably the best thing in the world. he’s so cute.

today we’re just gonna walk around London and be those awkward annoying tourists taking pictures of everything.

we’re gonna get some lunch soon.

we have like 3 days left in London, then off to Rome!

i’m literally in love with everyone’s accents here. they’re so amazing.

i want to practice my accent but i feel like they’d think i’m mocking them, so i won’t do that.

so yeah. i’m not gonna be updating as much for the next week, i’ll try to get on as much as possible, but wifi is bad and i want to spend time with Matt, so i’m sorry if i can’t get on as much… ❤

so i’m gonna get dressed and we’re gonna head out into the big world of London.

have a great day!


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