idk what to title this so

hey everyone who reads my posts,

most of you know that i’m not in America at the moment, i’m in Rome! i know that i blogged like everwhile i was in London, but i really want to experience this trip. i’m not going to blog for the next few days. i feel bad because i don’t want to leave you guys hanging, but i promise i’ll update you on everything after my trip ends. i just really want to spend time with Matt and enjoy my spring break (while it lasts) without having to blog. i love blogging (obviously) but i really just want to enjoy this trip without having to use my phone or laptop so much. i’m gonna miss updating, but it’s only for 4 days.

but you can read my old posts if you want to (but who wants to do that… idk)

so i’m sorry i won’t be posting for like 4 or 5 days, but i’ll have a shit ton of stuff to tell you when i get back to the Americas.

love you ❤



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