guess who’s back……

i am!

well, i’ve actually been back for a couple of days now.

but i haven’t gotten around to blogging, because of other things i had to do.

but i’m back! and this time, for good.

i missed blogging! my life felt different, even though i’ve only been gone for like a week.

i’ll do another full blog post about my trip (if you want) but this one is just an update post.

so my trip was amazing. Matt and I had an amazing time and i loved every second of it. we got to tour so many places and i loved it so much.

i had school today. well i’m actually still there, but it’s free period, so i can do whatever i want. so apparently i won a superlative. i had to take this picture for the yearbook. idk which one i won but it’ll be exciting to see when i get the book in June.

so i don’t know if you know this, but Matt is older than me by a year. he’s a senior and i’m a junior. so he’s graduating this year. and i’m not. but we’re gonna figure everything out. we will be able to figure it out. hopefully. i mean i love him more than life. we’ll figure it out.

i went back to the doctor for my foot when i got back from my trip, and i have an update!

so they say it’s healing, but it’s healing slowly. i go back in like 3 weeks, and i’ll get more information then. they said i’ll probably be able to stop using crutches when i go back in 3 weeks, but we’ll see. but for now, piggy back rides from Matt are working just fine for me.

how are you all?



4 thoughts on “guess who’s back……

  1. I’m so glad that things are good with you! That sounds really amazing, and you will be able to figure everything out :-)-quite good, actually. Life’s been hectic with the revision, but apart from that, I’ve been good

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  2. I hope you guys figure it out and I’m glad your foot is healing! 🙂 I’m great, I just got back from a vacation myself and I’m still missing it.


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