never have i ever

when you’re with your friends, you have a double study hall and you’re as mature as a bunch of 8th graders, you play never have i ever. and it gets weird.

Matt, Jade, Loren (i’ll put her as a person on my who’s who page after this post), Brooklyn and i were really bored. and instead of going on social media like normal teenagers, we decided to play never have i ever. we thought it would be stupid, but it was actually really funny.

wait i gotta explain something first. so Brooklyn is a freshman and Matt is a senior but in our high school the grades and classes are mixed together, so it would make sense for freshmen (Brooklyn), juniors (me, Jade, Loren), and seniors (Matt) to be all together. sophomores are in there too, but we don’t have any in our friend “group” thing.


so if you don’t know, (according to Wikipedia) never have i ever is where all of the players get into a circle. Then, the first player says a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever“. Anyone who has done what the first player has not must drink. Play then continues around the circle, and the next person makes a statement.

you can play without alcohol, which is what we did. we just used our hands, like put up 5 fingers and put one down for each thing we did.

we started off simple, but found out stuff about everyone that we didn’t know before.

Brooklyn’s never kissed anyone. (she’s only a freshman, so i guess it makes sense)

Jade and Loren have both used a dildo before. (don’t judge, you probably have too)

Jade, Matt, Brooklyn and I are still virgins. (hey, #virgin pride)

Matt and Loren have both had sex dreams.

Matt and I smoked pot. (but we’re not drug addicts. lol.)

Loren dated someone with longer hair than her. (and she has pretty long hair)

that’s not even half of what we learned about each other today. but i’m not gonna share.

and you’re all probably wondering why i’m even sharing all of this about my friends in the first place.

first of all, it’s my journal. where i write everything down that happens to me. and you guys just happen to be here to read and second-handedly witness it. it’s no different than a million people reading your journal.

second of all, none of the names i use are their real names.

but i’m not a liar, at all. everything i post about is true. i just needed some sort of anonymity.

and third, they don’t care. we’re all pretty care free people.


(an hour later)

i’m total shit at posting. i meant to get this up an hour ago. what the hell.

sorry though. i needed chinese food really badly.

but i’m back now so i can finish this god damn post.


and i left again. wtf.

so i’m just gonna go.

sorry that this post is crap.

love you !











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