classical cafe & the Loren and Aria show… and other stuff.

first of all I wanna say I’m sorry. I haven’t been updating as much as I used to and it bothers me. but I just don’t know what to write about! like I don’t want to post about boring shit, ya know? but I have something cool to share today, so let’s get to that.

classical cafe. it’s basically Matt, Daniel and a bunch of their friends play music all around the school during lunch and it’s actually pretty cool. they play on their guitars and sing and it’s some good shit. they are literally fucking musical gods. there’s not much detail to it, they just brighten my day.

the Loren and Aria show. let me explain.

loren and I were driving around yesterday going to a bunch of fast food places (cuz we’re fat as fuck and it’s good). I’ve seen a bunch of you tubers vlog and thought it would be funny to try so I pulled out my phone and me and Loren were vlogging. it’s the Loren and Aria show. it was really funny to rewatch the clips of us. but sorry, I’m not gonna make a YouTube channel. 

now for the other stuff. there’s a couple of things actually. 

my mom gave me the sex talk. and me and Matt almost had sex in his car.

I’ll start with the sex talk. 

so my mom came into my room earlier to talk to me. she said – “Aria, I know that you’re in a relationship now with someone you love, and sometimes that means making decisions.”

and I knew she was talking about sex. and I didn’t want to hear this at all.

I said “first of all, mom, it’s none of your business if me and Matt are having sex. but if and when we do, protection will be used. I don’t want to be a mom at 16 as much as you don’t want to be a grandma at 45.” 

she then said “then don’t fucking scare me with any more pregnancy tests! love you! use protection!”  and then she left. 

oh words cannot explain how much I love my mom. and how annoying she is.

now onto the car. I’m over exaggerating. we didn’t ALMOST have sex, but we made out. quite a bit. 

at the end of the day we disappeared into his car. we were just kissing. we’re not horny teenagers or anything, but we’re dating, we can do what we want. we were just making out for a long time. I’m not going into detail. but the only reason we stopped was because of my foot. but we were just laying in the front seat of his truck (yes he owns a truck and it’s amazing) making out. that’s it. 

sorry if that’s disgusting or annoying. but it is what it is.

but as of now, I’m still a virgin. and probably will be for a while. but that’s ok, frankly I’m scared. don’t laugh at me.

but how do u make sex good? like wtf I’m so undereducated. 

this is getting too innapropriate for your little virgin ears and eyes. let’s change the topic.

so I never really support Girl Scouts, but I really wanted some cookies. so I bought some. and they’re fucking delicious. more delicious than Matt. wait. did I really just say that? this post is getting out of control, I need to stop right now. 

I’m just gonna finish my physics homework and work on lines and eat some more cookies. 

bye !


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