quizzes, a weird sub, and great news!

first of all i want to say sorry. i keep breaking my promises. i don’t post when i say i will, and it’s unfair. but i like to write about my life. what’s interesting, and stuff i love. and i don’t want to post boring stuff. so i just don’t post as often as i used to. but i still post, so that’s good. i like posting.


me, Loren, and Brooklyn (Jade isn’t in Chorus) were in Chorus taking a bunch of online quizzes because we’re rebels and using our phones in class. just kidding. there was a substitute.

but yeah. me, Loren, and Brooklyn were just taking a bunch of random quizzes. apparently i’m a Firebender, Brooklyn is an Earthbender, and Loren is a Waterbender. it seems about right.

the sub was really weird thoooooo like he was really creepy…..

he had really long hair in a ponytail and it was super greasy. he made us all play hangman. he also wore a french horn tie and an all black suit. he was reading our music for chorus and was like trying to hum out the notes whilst standing behind us and when was asked him what he was doing he said, “oh i play the french horn and i’m just trying to make out the notes to see if i could play this.”

he was weird. that’s all.

also i have great news!

starting tomorrow i don’t have to use my crutches and next Tuesday i’m getting my boot off!!!!!!!

the doctor said i healed rather quickly and i don’t need my boot or crutches anymore!

i’m back to normal!! (well, almost…)

that means…. I CAN DO MY SHOW!!!!!



it’s been like 6 or 7 weeks in a boot and crutches and i can’t wait to get out of them. i guess my wish was granted! that’s pretty cool.

but Matt said he’d still give me piggyback rides 🙂

oh as i’m thinking about shows this popped in my head.

Facebook (yes i have one no i’m not telling you it) has this thing called memories and when you post something, every year after that the album will pop up on the date you uploaded it and you can see all of the pictures in the album.

i uploaded an album for my 8th grade show and the show was May 1st and 2nd.

i can see all of the pictures from the show! i haven’t looked at them in so long, and it’ll be fun to see me in those huge dresses cozying up to Riley on the couch and embracing my “husband” and talking with my “daughter” about men. i also get to see all of the behind the scenes pictures with me and my old friends (and current friends) in costume and just having fun.

8th grade was a fun time. even though it was middle school and that was a horrible time for me, 8th grade was where everything started to get better. where everything started to fall into place, like how the next 4 years would be and everything.

that show was my first huge role (besides 3rd grade as Mike TV in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and it’s gonna be great to see all of the pictures and memories.

i also picked out my car!!!

sadly, i am not getting a Toyota Highlander anymore.

but i’m getting…

a 2017 Acura RDX in Basque Red Pearl 2 with Ebony interior!!!

she’s beautiful and i love her more than Matt (don’t tell him i said that)

i’m totally kidding but i’m getting this amazing car and it’s gonna be amazing and great.

this is a happy post. i like it!

so i’m gonna go get some lunch now, talk soon!










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