de ja vu (short post i’m sorry)

i’m here again! i promised i’d blog basically every day, and i’m not going back on my word.

so i literally experienced de ja vu today (not really but it’s still kinda spooky)

i’m on winter break right now, and today was my last day before i go back. me, Matt, and Jade went on a skiing trip because we all love to ski. it was super fun and i loved spending time with them but something super shitty happened.

let me start off by saying that last year around the beginning of March i broke my foot. i was walking to class and i fell down the stairs and my foot broke.

so anyways: Matt, Jade and i were getting on the chairlift and my skis crossed and i fell like in front of the lift as it was coming around. my foot and leg got all twisted so much that my ski came off, i also heard my ankle pop. they stopped the lift but we still went to the top of the hill. we get off the lift and i can’t put any pressure on my foot because it hurts so badly. MIND YOU THAT THIS IS THE SAME FOOT I BROKE LAST YEAR TOO. YET I STILL SKIED DOWN THE HILL bc im a fuckin bad ass :)))) but yea i was skiing on one foot bc i’m a pro and i fell like 20 bajillion times. it was embarrassing but yea. so now i am in a bunch of pain and going to the doctor’s tomorrow. yay this is so great im so happy………

but yea so i may or may not have broken my ankle/foot again.

de ja vu am i right?

so anyways, i have a lot lot lot of homework to do bc i’m a lazy ass bitch who procrastinates everything till the literal last second.

also i’m hopelessly in love w/ Stella , so there’s a lil update on that.

oh also Jane is fabulous and we facetime basically everyday. nobody will replace Jadey though 🙂

OMG LORELEI IS A FUCKING CUNT OK IM SORRY i actually hate her so much she’s just annoying and needs to grow the fuck uppppppppppppppppppp

k anyways

i hope you all had a lovely day ❤

talk later, i gotta do some homework

yours truly,
Aria Rose Kopenfelt


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