today was rough

my foot is killing me.

it is 11:20 at night.

i’m sleep deprived.


i have to write a speech for my english class that’s due tomorrow and i barely started it. i’m writing it on the history of LGBT rights and the community’s future. i just did so much stats homework too and i still have to do history homework. obviously i have my priorities straight. xD i need advil and coffee.

i didn’t go to the doctor’s today because i’m just lazy as fuck and don’t give a shit. so i’m just using my old crutches from last year until my foot doesn’t hurt anymore. i don’t think it’s broken so hopefully it’ll just heal on it’s own.

we’re doing Wizard of Oz at my acting  group and there’s rehearsal tomorrow. i’m Dorothy, btw. but i can’t dance so this sucks. i also had pointe class tonight and couldn’t do anything. my teacher was mad that i went skiing. boo him.

it’s hard to drive because it’s my right foot that’s hurt/sprained/whatevered but i can make do. also it’s super swollen and i can’t get any shoes on it. oops. fuck the stupid chairlift operator.

Stella update: we kind of held hands today 🙂 she’s just so sweet and i’m legit in love with her she also tied my shoe for me because of my sprained foot

Jazz update: sad i can’t ride her bc of my foot but i love her so much and she’s my giant girl ❤ i’d ask jadey to take her for a ride but she’s a very green horse and needs a confident advanced rider still.

Diva update: still kickin, that old mare. Jadey loves to ride her when i ride Jazz. i love her though, i won’t forget about her. ❤

now i’m just fb messaging one of my old friends who is a sophomore in college now. she’s like my older sister and has been since forever. her name is Avery. i’ll add her to the list. she’s my favorite person in the world besides Jadey. i’ve known her practically since i was born. she was a senior when i was a freshman. omg when i was a freshman i was best friends with Lorelei. then she started dating Matt and it all went downhill from there. i was such a cringy 9th grader. my foot hurts so badly omg.

my depression is aye okay. sucks, but alright i guess.

how have you all been?





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