i found out a buncha shitty things

i finally went to the doctor and my foot is practically broken. it’s not, but the 3 ligaments around the ankle bone are super sprained, so i’m in a boot for 2 weeks. best 2 weeks ever am i right? it also hurts like hell so that’s fun. note to self: go to doctor immediately.

now here’s the sad part …

Stella is dating someone else and apparently has been since valentines day. and ironically it’s a guy who’s name is Matt. not my old Matt but a different one. it sucks a lot because she didn’t even tell me, Jane did. nobody tells me things and i don’t know why. i actually thought we could be together but i guess not. i missed my shot.

depression fucking sucks. like v bad. especially now bc of the Stella thing. but she told me she liked me like 2 weeks ago which i completely don’t understand. but whatever.

i just want to sleep forever. or die. preferably the latter. i’m just so tired and done.

i’m already bad at posting and it’s been a solid week. i always just forget to post, or there’s nothing interesting to say. if only my life were more interesting. it just sucks.

the speech went well, i don’t know my grade though. hopefully i’ll get it soon.

my grades are suffering omg i need to care more but i just don’t.

i have gotten about 2 hours and 30 minutes of sleep these past 2 days because of pain, homework, and depression. and just that i have massive sleep troubles.

i’m immensely tired.

i’m gonna go take a nap.