who’s who?

if you’re really confused on who everyone is because i keep mentioning people and am definitely going to mention more, just check here every so often to figure out who everyone is!

Aria – hmm wonder who this could be. i’m Aria, the owner of this blog. i’m almost 17 years old and bisexual. i lost my dad to pancreatic cancer and i have no idea where my older brother is. my mom and i live together and i’m a senior in high school. i used to date one of my best friends, Matt. we were in love, but i needed to figure myself out first. now i’m 100% in love with my close friend Stella. she moved here in September with my other new friend Jane. i love to horseback ride and have two of my own horses. i also love to perform and sing, act, and dance. i also like skiing, and have broken my foot one before. my best friend is named Jade.

Jade – also known as Jadey, my best friend in the whole entire world. i’ve known her since the 3rd grade, and we’ve been so close ever since. she’s around 5’3, has a cute shoulder length hair cut and her hair is currently dyed blonde and it looks amazing. she’s funny, sarcastic, and very much like me. that’s probably why we get along so well. she is gorgeous, and has these adorable ray bans glasses because she’s literally blind. like me! but i wear contacts a lot so…

Brooklyn – i haven’t talked about her much, but we’re pretty close. she’s a sophomore, and when i was in 10th grade and she was in 8th, we did this peer mentoring thing where we talked to 8th graders about high school and we were paired together. i guess i was a good match for her because we are really good friends. except she’s 5’7 now, so she looks like a 12th grader and i look like i’m 9. but she’s still my little (but big) brookie cookie and she always will be.

Lorelei – Lorelei is really annoying and rude and hates it when other people are happy. she is really a bitch. tbh. and she also was dating my life long crush (NOT ANYMORE THO)  she’s 5’3 and has longish brown hair which she slaps a beanie over all the time. she tries to be edgy. it doesn’t work.

Matt – my ex boyfriend but still best friend! he’s 6’1, which is exactly a foot taller than me. woah. but he’s so sweet. i’ve known him since the 1st grade. yeah it’s been a really long time that i’ve known him. we are the best of friends though. yeah. OH and he also used to date my friend Lorelei.

Mason – my older brother. i have no idea where he is right now, and his birthday is really soon. he’s turning 20, and i wish he hadn’t just disappeared last year. he was my role model, and one of my best friends. i wish he could see how much he’s helped me grow up…

Jennifer – my lovely mother! i’ve never mentioned her by her first name (i usually just call her “mom”) but i thought i’d shout her out. she’s always here for me, and helped me through hard times. she also hasn’t kicked me out of the house yet, so that’s cool! no but she’s really accepting of everything that i do, and hey, she let me travel alone with my boyfriend. that’s pretty cool.

Loren – i’ve known her for a long time, but we only started being friends like 2 years ago. we didn’t ever hate eachother, we just never really talked. we met at summer camp a really long time ago. she’s so sweet and is really nice. she has medium length brown straight hair and loves musical theater and acting (like me and Matt). i distinctly remember in the 8th grade when everyone was taking State Tests (we had opted out) we started talking and getting to know eachother, and now we’re friends. she also has a boyfriend named Will, who i’ll introduce some time or other. he’s also really nice, he’s in Matt’s grade. she’s also the same height as me! i’m not the only short one any more!

Stella – the girl that i’ve ever so hopelessly fallen in love with. we’re not together yet, but almost. she’s amazing and sweet and loves playing the guitar. we smoke weed together lolol 420. she transferred to my school in september and we’ve been close since the very first day.

Jane – one of my close friends! she transferred in september with Stella. she’s super sweet and tall and funny and gorgeous. she always makes me laugh and we are the closest of friends. nobody comes before Jadey though. but Jane is so pretty and lovely and deserves the world. i’m so glad she came into my life.

Avery – basically my older sister and definitely my biggest role model. i’ve known her for forever and i love her more than anything. she was a senior when i was a freshman. she’s now a sophomore in college. she is so smart and pretty and a wonderful human being. she loves theater and is in college for theater arts management. she used to be in the same acting group as me. when we were super young we met at this after school care program. she’s helped me learn a lot about life and is always there to guide me. she’s a great singer, dancer, and actor. she’s so lovely and i’m so grateful to have her in my life. my life certainly wouldn’t be the same without her, that’s for sure.